No-Mess Fake Snow for Toddlers to Play With

No-Mess Fake Snow for Toddlers to Play With

No-Mess Fake Snow for Toddlers to Play With

At Cornerstone Early Learning Center, they used a recipe to create, "Snow," which wasn't cold, but could be kneaded and played with by the toddlers as it was actual snow! There are different ways to make fake snow, but this method created a kind of, "Snow," which wasn't messy as it didn't use shaving cream, lotion, or other options that can make stains.

Materials needed to make no-mess fake snow

All you need to create this special fake snow are the following:

*Baking soda





How to create no-mess fake snow

Follow these steps to create your fake snow:

1. Put one cup of your baking soda in the bowl.

2.Add a tablespoon of water.

3.Use your fork/whisk to mix the baking soda and water.

4. Continue adding tablespoons of water and mixing until you have a light and powdery substance--just like snow!

5. Play with your fake snow and enjoy how it doesn't make a mess!

Source for photos: Cornerstone Early Learning Center

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No-Mess Fake Snow for Toddlers to Play With
December 17, 2020
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