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Self Portrait Painting Process Art

Reina Herrera
Self Portrait Painting Process Art

Self Portrait Painting Process Art

Process art.

Start your project with large white paper on an isle. After discussion on 5 Senses and after reading books about body parts, have children come to art table or art area, Children will paint a circle or oval shape with skin color paint. Teacher can make the color by adding white, pink and brown paint and mixing it to the preferred tone. Teacher will cut out eyes and ears and nose for kids to glue the next day. children can draw a mouth. With red paint. Hair can be drawn with color pencil or markers.

This fun activity is always great way for children to learn the names of body parts. This activity helps children learn vocabulary words and gives new words to some. The 5 Senses, self portrait painting.

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Self Portrait Painting Process Art
January 17, 2023
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