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Superworm sensorial activity

Teacher Annie
Superworm sensorial activity

Superworm sensorial activity


1. Vocabulary (name insects and other animals)

2. Science: Know the life cycle of the worm. Classify into insects or non-insects.

3. Sensory exploration.

4. Fine motor: Manipulate wool thread. Color.

To carry out this activity you will need:

1. Book: Superworm. I also used the book Bob and Otto.

2. Drawing of a worm.

3. Woolen thread preferably pink.

4. Sand.

5. Toy insects. To teach the life cycle of the worm use the Safari Toob figures. Also use plastic worms with a texture similar to real worms.

Superworm sensorial activity:

To start our activity we first read the stories Superworm and Bob and Otto. Then we went to the sensory table where we began to identify the animals that we had on it. We classify into insects and non-insects. We took some time to observe and talk about the life cycle of worms and their importance in the garden. At the end we began our sensory exploration by touching the different textures that we had available such as sand, wooden logs and others. As a final activity we color our drawings of worms and we work with the wool thread.

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Superworm sensorial activity
March 3, 2023
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