Matching the Furniture to the Right Room in the House

Oana Zigman
Matching the Furniture to the Right Room in the House

During our English classes on this occasion, the names of rooms we can find in a house, we practiced expressing what each of us likes to do or can do in each house, played some fun games so the kids can have as many chances to express themselves and practice their pronunciation and grammar and just be active and confident all around.

They also had a chance to do a sorting activity in the form of a game and then do it as homework in the form of a worksheet that allowed them to review at home and practice their sentence patterns.

The kids had to match each piece of furniture or object with an adequate room or space.

The lesson was followed by a few worksheets taken from our Show & Tell curriculum books (both student book and workbooks)

Besides the main goal of reviewing house objects and room names (or spaces like balcony, yard, or garden) the kids also got a chance to review ordinal numbers (first and second) and trace the words.

All in all, it was a great class and the design and exercises in the worksheets only made it more enjoyable for the kiddies to review and do homework.

Matching the Furniture to the Right Room in the House

PS: someone wanted to be extra efficient and combined the Chinese homework with some extra English Practice :)

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Matching the Furniture to the Right Room in the House
October 21, 2020
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