Winter Wonderland-Themed Sensory Play Area

Winter Sensory Play Area

Teacher Amy and the students at Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre created a fun and beautiful Winter Wonderland-themed sensory play area!

The class discussed and reflected upon the seasonal changes in the weather as Winter approached. Then, they assembled their play area so as to provide a sensory experience that is calming and imaginative with its soft and gorgeous Wintery appearance.

With tapioca that looked like snow along with pine cones, twigs, and other intriguing textures it resulted in a fascinating sensory area. Plus, because multiple students could enjoy the Winter Wonderland-themed sensory play area all together at once it allowed for social interaction and language development amongst the children.

Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre

These boys are very engaged and content in their play

Making Your Own Sensory Play Area

To make your own Winter Wonderland-themed sensory play area you just need to be sure you have a way to keep everything contained (a bin, sheet, etc.), a tapioca, and things from nature such as pine cones, twigs, and so forth. Then encourage the students to all experience the sensory play area together!

Who knew that tapioca makes excellent snow!
Exploring some natural materials

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