Wild Animals Theme

When it comes to discussing an animal countless kinds exist to choose from! You can talk about a particular animal’s movements, its habitats, size, or read one of countless books starring the animals of your choice! You can listen to exotic animals sounds and even make a craft about one. Simply starting with your class’s favorite animal and going from there can be fun for preschoolers! You can get a copy of our animal lesson plans right here.

Bear Craft Templates

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These bear craft templates are a great activity for young students! They get to cut all the pieces out and then assemble them to look correct before proceeding to glue everything together! There are two fun templates below featuring the bear!

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Fun Lion Mask Craft For Preschoolers

Lion Mask Craft
Let’s Be Friends Preschool
Preschool in Maumee, Ohio

A Simple Craft That Will Have you Roaring With Delight.

If you want to make a fun (but also easy) craft with your preschooler then this is a great one! Whether you are doing it in your home with your own child or are a teacher who wants to fill their classroom with a bunch of exciting lions, this is a stellar project!

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