Food and Nutrition - Making Pestos!

Noemie Grenier
Food and Nutrition - Making Pestos!

This is an activity that I organized for a mini summer camp with my students - 2nd to 5th grade. As a science teacher I will do this in the classroom from now on. After learning about plants and the food they provide, the nutritional value of green leaves, nuts, and oils, we made different pestos: classic basil with pistachios, arugula and spinach, and dried tomatoes with sunflower seeds! Students were pleasantly surprised with this last one because they initially thought they would not like it and they all enjoyed it. All you need is a food processor (mine is a $40 dollar 4 cups food processor, sundried tomatoes in oil, canola oil, lemon, sunflower seeds, salt and pepper, and parmesan cheese. 6 students were paired to measure, mix, scrape the food processor bowl, and taste! Simple cooking activities like this one is a great way for children to discover new flavors and develop a new relationship with food.

Food and Nutrition - Making Pestos!
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Food and Nutrition - Making Pestos!
July 12, 2022
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