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Hedgehog from potato and spaghetti

Tea Abramia
Hedgehog from potato and spaghetti

Fall workshop started with coloring hedgehog and potato hedgehog with spaghetti. Kids enjoyed too much. Before coloring we discussed which season we have and which season is now. How many months are in one season and which month is now. After we discussed how trees are changing each season. We placed tree and hedgehoge in the middle of the table and kids started to color hedgehog. We discussed what hedgehog is doing and how he is preparing for hibernate. After we read book about friendship of Hedhodge and Rabbit - We two. It explained the way nature changes in all seasons. How best friends are playing all the summer when grass is green, how leaves turning to yellow in fall and hedhog is gathering leaves, how he is hibernating and than waking up in spring when nature wakes up too. How they make squirrel friend, how they play together and help each other. Lesson went very interactive and they got a sound knowledge what is going on in fall.

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Hedgehog from potato and spaghetti
October 28, 2023
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