Making Color Potions

Making Color Potions

Making Color Potions

At Harvest Preschool & Child Care they made, "Hot potions," where they mixed different waters with food coloring to make neat color blends! They used water droppers which allowed them to develop their fine motor skills and it was a great time!

Materials needed to make color potions

To make your own color potions you will need the following:

*Test tubes

*A beaker or regular glass


*Food Coloring

*Water dropper

How to make color potions

To create your color potions follow these steps:

1. Take your test tubes, fill them all with water.

2. Put different colors of food dye in each test tube.

3. Take your water dropper and collect some colorful water from a test tube.

4. Squirt your colorful water in your beaker.

5. Repeat collecting colorful water and squirting it in the beaker, watch how colors mix to create unique potions!

6. Once you're done, pour all the water down the drain.

Source for photos: Harvest Preschool & Child Care

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Making Color Potions
September 28, 2020
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