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Mosaic "Snowflake"

Sandra Vagale
Mosaic "Snowflake"

Mosaic "Snowflake"

The template on which the corresponding things are assembled is drawn on a transparent plastic material. It can be used both for light boxes and on a table. Use buttons, pebbles and beads of different sizes to assemble flakes.

Preferably in blue and white.

Such an activity develops the child's imagination and finger dexterity very well. We used it in the "Snowflake" theme of the week, combining it with other activities, and the children also choose this activity in their free time.

We also used listening to winter sounds in the background in this lesson - blizzard, steps on snow, frost.

Before playing the game, we examined pictures of snowflakes with a magnifying glass, found out how many rays it has and that each flake is unique.

In melting snow and looking at cold water, children learn about how flake is formed. Of course, in the middle of the lessons, we also move with a dance about flakes. But we learn the various names of snow types with the help of pictures and the game "What is it?" And this is only a part of the many lessons about snow and snowflakes.

Have a nice job too!

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Mosaic "Snowflake"
January 14, 2023
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